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My Great Grandparents were known in the 1880s as a major importer of the Black Langshan. They shipped Langshan hatching eggs all over the US. They showed their Langshans, accumulating enough Trophies, that laid in a row measured over 200 feet long. In their honor, I decided to offer this now threatened breed in both the blue and black color.

The Black Langshan chicken was first recognized as a standard breed by the American Poultry Association (APA) in 1883. Blue “sports” occurred occasionally from crosses of the White and the Black Langshans. Blue Langshans were not recognized by the APA until 1987.

The breed is remarkable for many reasons. It is a tall breed of chicken. While its height comes partially from somewhat long legs, more importantly it comes from the great depth of body that is unique to this breed. The breed is a good forager, a prolific layer, and has fewer feathers on its shanks and toes than either Cochin or Brahma. The shanks and toes are bluish-black with pinkish color between the scales and white soles. The bones of the Langshan are relatively small for its size. It is a very hardy breed with tight feathering and very dark brown eye color. Langshans can fly better than the other large breeds.

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