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Guinea Fowl

Guineas are Nature's best pest control. They eat bugs of all sort and shapes, and are especially effective against ticks and grasshoppers. They will eat mice and other small rodents. They will circle and attack a snake.

They can be beautiful with gorgeous feather patterns and colors. But there's no denying they do have an ugly head. They are tough and have a built in disease resistance. Once they start growing there is very little that will kill them. ( Aside from predators.) A hen will lay around 100 eggs a year. This occurs late spring through summer.

They can be excellent watch dogs and will let you know when someone shows up or if a predator is lurking around. By the same token, they can become really noisy in those same situations.

They will learn where home is if confined there for awhile and will return there at night. Mine tend to sleep in the trees in summer but go sleep in the hen house in winter.

A guinea will never become a tame bird you can hold on your lap but they will adjust to your situation.

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