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Still hatching Sebastopols this year. The season is nearing the end. 

Please read terms under the Price List tab for specifics on placing an order.

Deposit is 50% of the cost of the goslings. Balance and shipping costs must be paid immediately upon notification that your geese are ready. No color choice as I can't guarantee exactly how they will turn out. I've found that letting my geese chose their own mates gives me better colors and more selection. The 2019 season produced many lavender Sebastopols, which up until now has been very difficult to breed for. No choice on dates. I will try to work with you if you give me a block out week when you will not be available to pick up your geese at the post office; However this must be done when placing the order. Otherwise, I will go down my wait list in the order that orders have been placed. 
The deposit is non-refundable. If you refuse your goslings when they hatch I will not refund the deposit or move you down the list.
The geese are the bosses here. They lay when they want and the weather and lots of other factors I can't control, determines when. Last year we had a late winter so hatches came late. I was struggling at the end to ship the goslings because people on the list whom I hadn't taken deposits from were backing out. I have many species of breeding animals and don't have time to go down a long list of people before shipping babies. Live arrival guaranteed. No refund on postage costs.


I am always happy to help any of my customers or friends with health related questions or possible diagnosis if they have a problem with one of the their birds. I'm not able of course, to a examine the animals in person but based on description of symptoms and or pictures I may be able to suggest a treatment.

I am not a licensed veterinarian, but due to years of experience and research I can often make accurate diagnosis. I have not acquired my knowledge from forums or wives tales, but rather have studied veterinarian sites and university studies. I offer this because there is a lack of avian veterinarians in many areas. Please be patient. It may take a some time to answer, depending on how busy I am with the animals. You may contact me at

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A different kind of broody hen?

Just for fun.

A birthday cake I made for a young chicken enthusiast.

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