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Sebastopol Geese

The Sebastopol is readily identified by its feathers. Long, soft-quilled, curling feathers drape elegantly from its wings, body and tail. This modification in plumage is an example of breeding for a specific trait. The white variety of the Sebastopol is best known. Both males and females have pure white feathers that contrast with their bright blue eyes and orange bills and feet. We have available a number of different colors: White , Gray, Blue, Splash, Buff, and Saddle Back.

Sebastopols are medium-sized geese, weighing 12 - 14 pounds when mature. They have large, rounded heads, prominent eyes, slightly arched necks, and keelless breasts. The plumage of the head and upper two-thirds of the neck is normal, while that of the breast and underbody is elongated and well-curled. The soft, fluffy feathers of the back, wings and tail have flexible shafts, are attractively spiraled, and in good specimens are so long that they nearly touch the ground. The curled feathers prevent flight making them easier to confine. Sebastopols produce 25-35 eggs annually. They have a quiet and pleasant disposition. They breed only in the spring for a short period.

All of my Sabastopols originated from show lines. I take great care to only produce good quality curly birds. My goslings are shipped all over the U.S. due to their quality and the colors I have bred.

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