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New Breeds Coming Soon

My principles still remain the same, however due to health issues I will be selling out many of my birds or breeds this year. The time comes when you simply can no longer manage multiple flocks. That being said the info below still applies.
In order to stay in tune with the market and to help preserve some endangered breeds, I add some different breeds now and then. 

Due to limited facilities, in order to do this, I have to eliminate some breeds/colors and acquire some others.  One focus for the next few years is to work on some specific color projects to create something new without loosing my purebred birds.

Another project which will take even longer is to recreate, and eventually breed with the current Breda fowl stock to provide a heartier bird. There is a very limited pure gene pool of Breda Fowl. This unique rare breed is one worth saving. I'll be working with multiple breeds to complete this project and do expect it to take a few years.


I've added a couple of endangered French breeds in an effort to preserve them. This will include the

La Fleche and Bantam Sultans,  All French breeds. I intend to raise all of these breeds as well as I work toward breeding for the APA standard. 

I've raised the La Bresse. Another French breed. This is not at all what I would normally raise. They aren't a gorgeous bird that will draw your attention. But they are known to be the world's best tasting chicken and are great layers. I moved these birds into my laying flock because they are profound layers of nice big beige eggs.  I will separate these birds and do a custom hatch with prepayment if desired.

I have also added the extremely rare Yamato Gunkei  from Japan. A breed currently offered by only one breeder in the U.S. These rare birds only lay 5- 20 fertile eggs a year.  So we won't be selling eggs for sure. I am still trying to increase my breeders so chicks will probably not be available until sometime in 2021.


I also have a number of Bantam Cochins. I started raising these as egg sitters to help when my incubators get full.  However they are very popular with my customers so when the girls decide to hatch I sell the chicks they produce.

I am in the process of renewing some of my older flocks and creating some new color patterns.  I am downsizing my entire operation because it is just too case time consuming, but hopefully I'll produce more chicks with better health and beautiful traits.  

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